What I loved

  Dear Reader, this is a very personal reflection. But I thought, why shouldn’t we write about our experience of spirituality and religion? It was Easter time in 1974 and I was in Paris with my family. I marvelled at the shops full of gorgeous displays of Easter eggs, hens and other confections. But a […]

How immigration made my life

  I am not an immigrant, nor am I a child of immigrants. I am Australian by many generations. But watching Bruce Beresford’s Ladies in Blackrecently, I realised what an impact immigration has had on my life. The Ladies in Black, based on Madeleine St John’s book The Women in Black, is set in 1959 […]

Write Yourself

We go through life with thoughts going in and out of our heads, intersecting with other concerns and plans, but we feel we can’t fully explore what it is we are thinking and feeling or even wanting. One way to pin down our thoughts, like capturing a fleeting butterfly, is to write a journal. Journal […]


It was late, possibly after midnight, or at least it seemed that way to my seven-year-old mind. My father had returned from the airport where he had collected my twenty-year-old brother from his flight back from India. My brother laid out presents for our mother and sisters; for me there were some bracelets of deep […]


Welcome to my blog, Mindful Musings. So many things I observe cast light on my understanding of the world, people and life: I want to capture and explore them in my writing. I am as struck by the mindfulness of a view of the ocean or a yoga session as I am by a profound […]