Welcome to my blog, Mindful Musings. So many things I observe cast light on my understanding of the world, people and life: I want to capture and explore them in my writing. I am as struck by the mindfulness of a view of the ocean or a yoga session as I am by a profound line in a great work of literature, be it Tolstoy or Tsiolkas. I have come to see visual art as a way we can pause and reflect on our common humanity and I am interested in how we all have a creative spirit that can be unleashed in different and unique ways. I am fascinated by the affect of music on the soul and why my favourite, Baroque music, can be so uplifting.

I enjoy snippets of details of the personalities of historical figures, for example, Queen Victoria or Winston Churchill, as I feel they provide an insight into human strengths and weaknesses. I am interested in the art of conversation and the attendent complexities of communication. That every person is a mystery, sometimes even to themselves, is something I wish to explore. Spirituality intrigues me, its purpose and its solace, and the emergence of the child to adulthood continues to extend my understanding of the world.

I hope that my pieces provide a further glimmer of light in understanding life’s journey.

Best wishes



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